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BRANDCHOIR – marketing & film production

We activate brands, companies and products with compelling stories, films, documentaries, people, journalism, music and artwork. And create concepts that fill the gap between the primal interests of consumers and your brand.



Brandchoir wants to explore, grow and succeed together with you. Content, text, film, people, entertainment, journalism, art and music are our tools for that expedition.

Nicolas Röwenstrunk is a professional creative director, copywriter and brand consultant in Germany for international agencies and companies since 1997. His extensive experience helps a lot to find the right concepts without plodding down an ordinary path.



What's your story? How do you excite your clients and stay in touch with them? We will find it out together and create a concept that fits exactly your needs.


Content, people, location, helpers, budgeting – there is a lot to think about before we can make your concept work. We manage those things in close collaboration with you and prepare everything we need to succeed.


From concept to production – we make your project happen. Either completely with our own manpower and equipment or with the best help that we can get.


If you are interested in our work please contact us via mail.
We are looking forward to giving you insight in our recent projects and portfolio personally.

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